Installation 04, also known as the Halo, is a pivotal location in the series, introduced in season 3.


Meet the AncientsEdit

Bill Gates announces in 2009 that Microsoft is going to begin construction on a functional Halo ring, based on the megastructure from the Halo series. Ronald McDonald then brings Gates and the rest of the Ancients to the Ark. ("Meet the Ancients")

Season 3Edit

After the Ark explodes, Ronald is launched to the year 44 BC, while the Ancients remain in 2009. Over the next eleven years, Microsoft completes the ring, dubbed "Installation 04" (Zero-four) after the ring from the first Halo game. Master Chief and the Arbiter, sent to 2020 by the explosion of the Ark, encounter 343 Guilty Spark, the monitor of Installation 04 who was created by Microsoft to continue their theming based on the game. ("Master Chief Sucks at Ordering Burger King") ("Master Chief Meets Guilty Spark") Guilty Spark later informs the group that Cortana's reboot codes are located in a database on the ring, which is guarded by an AI called "the Governor." ("Master Chief Sucks at Shopping") Once onboard the ring, the pair rescue Cortana from Jack Thompson (the Governor), and then raid the control room. After a shootout with the Ancients, a wounded Ronald turns the key to activate the Halo. ("Master Chief Sucks at Rescue Missions")

However, because the ring was not at 100% charge, it begins collapsing on itself. The heroes quickly run to the main reactor and throw the shutdown switch after the King repeatedly shoots Ronald. However, Ronald is revealed to be alive but badly wounded, and turns the key again after 100% charge is reached. ("Master Chief vs the Halo") The activation creates an alternate timeline. ("Master Chief Rocks at Ordering McDonalds") Afterwards, the King heals Ronald's wounds, only to be gunned down by the Ancients. The King manages to kill all of them but Ronald, who shoots him dead and blows up the ring. ("Master Chief: The Secret Origin of the King")


Control roomEdit

The Halo's control room is where the firing key is located. Master Chief, the Arbiter, Cortana, and Guilty Spark attack the Ancients here. The King and Avery Johnson time travel here as well and join the fight. Steve Jobs is killed in the shootout and Ronald is wounded before turning the key, seemingly activating the ring. ("Master Chief Sucks at Rescue Missions") However, the ring does not fire, and instead begins collapsing because the ring was not at 100% charge. ("Master Chief vs the Halo")

AI databaseEdit

A database of "killed" AIs is located on the Halo. The database is guarded by a program called "the Governor," who is actually Jack Thompson. Master Chief and the Arbiter defeat Thompson again in order to rescue Cortana. ("Master Chief Sucks at Rescue Missions")

Main reactorEdit

A room where the shutdown switch for the Halo firing mechanism is located. Ronald is shot repeatedly here and the ring is shut down. However, Ronald again fires the ring, from this room, after regaining consciousness. ("Master Chief vs the Halo") This is the room where the King makes his last stand against the Ancients and is killed. ("Master Chief: The Secret Origin of the King")


  • Installation 04 is based, both in and outside of the series, on the ring from the Halo series.
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