"Master Chief: The Finale"
(Part 1) (Part 2)

Finale part 2

May 23, 2008
Run time
6:43 (Part 1)
6:06 (Part 2)
12:49 (Total)
Guest starring
Talkany Nerd as Jack Thompson
AT&T Charles as L. Ron Hubbard
Talkany Man as Tom Cruise
Talkany Woman as Samus Aran
LH Michelle as Newswoman
AT&T Rich as the King

"Master Chief: The Finale" is the ninth and tenth episodes of season 1 and the first season finale.


Part 1Edit

Finale part 1

Master Chief fights Thompson's clones

After a short "previously" segment, Master Chief mentions he fled before meeting the true leader, and he and the Arbiter triangulate the location of the villain's base and learn it is in the middle of Florida. The Arbiter challenges L. Ron Hubbard while Master Chief learns Jack Thompson has cloned himself to take over Congress and fights the clones. Mario, Link, and Samus are recruited again to distract CATS. The Arbiter is successful in stabbing Hubbard to death. Master Chief flees from the Thompson clones. CATS defeats Mario, Link, and Samus. The Arbiter is confronted and captured by Tom Cruise, the new leader of Scientology.

Part 2Edit

In part 2, Master Chief confronts CATS and duels him. Their duel is cut short when the mysterious leader announces CATS has outlived his usefulness and shoots him to death. A montage shows the Arbiter, Mario, Link, and Samus held captive by Tom Cruise and Jack Thompson. The mysterious leader reveals himself to Master Chief as none other than the King, mascot of Burger King.


Part 1Edit

Master Chief The Finale (Part 1)

Master Chief The Finale (Part 1)

Part 2Edit

Master Chief The Finale (Part 2)

Master Chief The Finale (Part 2)



  • First appearances of Tom Cruise and the King.

Production notes

  • L. Ron Hubbard and the newswoman only appear in part 1. The King only appears in part 2. Jack Thompson, Tom Cruise, and Samus appear in both parts.
  • The King is credited as "the Leader" in the press release to hide his identity.
  • Jack Thompson, Tom Cruise, and Samus do not speak in the second part of the finale but are still credited for both halves. Mario and Link do not speak in either half and are not credited for speaking but are still credited for appearing.
  • Despite being in the trailer, Ridley, Ganondorf, and Anonymous do not appear in this episode.

Cultural references

  • The prisoner montage and the music used during the scene reference the Lost episode "There's No Place Like Home, part 1."

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