July 23, 2008
Run time
Guest starring
James Rolfe as the Angry Video Game Nerd
Talkany Man as Tom Cruise
Chris Hansen as himself

"Master Chief Minisode 2: Angry Video Game Nerd" is the second minisode.


James Rolfe, known more commonly by his Internet reviewer alias the Angry Video Game Nerd, introduces himself to the King. The King allows him to work on the doomsday machine and beat up Master Chief for not liking Nintendo. Meanwhile, Tom Cruise places child pornography on Master Chief's computer in hopes of getting him arrested. After the credits, Master Chief is visited in his cell by Chris Hansen.


Master Chief Minisode 2 Angry Video Game Nerd02:28

Master Chief Minisode 2 Angry Video Game Nerd



  • First appearance of Chris Hansen.

Cultural references

  • James Rolfe, or the Angry Video Game Nerd, is well known for his Internet series of comedic game reviews.
  • All of Chris Hansen's dialogue comes from his famous series of Dateline NBC investigations, To Catch a Predator.

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