August 1, 2008
Run time
Guest starring
Chris Hansen as himself
Talkany Nerd as Jack Thompson
Audacity Charles as Barack Obama

"Master Chief Minisode 3: Chris Hansen" is the third minisode.


Chris Hansen interrogates Master Chief over a sexual chat conversation he supposedly had with a minor (in reality, it was placed on his computer by Tom Cruise). Meanwhile, Jack Thompson tells the King that Barack Obama has captured some Scientologists and the only way to defeat him is with John McCain. However, there is no time to summon him, so they must enlist the help of his "other opponent." After the credits, Obama approaches Master Chief in his cell and says he will help him.


Master Chief Minisode 3 Chris Hansen02:33

Master Chief Minisode 3 Chris Hansen



  • First appearance of Barack Obama.

Cultural references

  • The scene with Jack Thompson and the King is a "Youtube Poop," or a video with audio and video drawn from a number of 1990s sources like television commercials, TV shows, or, most famously, the poorly received Mario and Zelda CD-i games.

Episode references

  • Tom Cruise's placing of child porn on Master Chief's computer occured in the previous episode. ("Minisodes")

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