February 1, 2010
Run time
Guest starring
AT&T Mike as Caesar Charlemagne
Talkany Woman as Customer

"Master Chief Rocks at Ordering McDonalds" is the sixth episode of season 3.


Master Chief introduces himself and tells the viewer how to order food from McDonalds in an eloquent, sophisticated manner. He explains that viewers will need a car and that they should choose between the drive through and ordering inside. At all times, he advocates being polite and kind to employees and others. He encounters his friend, the Arbiter, who is vulgar and rude, and his girlfriend Cortana. They also meet General Caesar Charlemagne, who reveals he created the SPARTAN project and Master Chief himself. Suddenly, the scene cuts to Ronald McDonald, who ponders the fact that he has created an alternate timeline from activating the Halo. The King confronts him as the only one who remembers the original timeline. He asks Ronald to restore the original timeline, and offers to make a deal.


Master Chief Rocks at Ordering McDonalds04:23

Master Chief Rocks at Ordering McDonalds



  • This episode is an alternate timeline equivalent of "Master Chief Sucks at Ordering McDonalds."
  • Alternate universe Master Chief speaks with cursive writing subtitles, referencing his newfound sophistication.
  • When Master Chief tells the viewer to make sure they order McDonalds food and not the Burger King equivalent, the scene from the previous episode when the King shoots Ronald can be seen faintly. At the end of the episode, when Caesar Charlemagne speaks to Master Chief, the scene of the Halo activating is faintly seen right before the cut to Ronald.

Production notes

Episode references

  • Master Chief's advice is mostly a mirror of the advice he gave in the first episode. For example, he tells the viewer to exchange insurance information with a rear ended driver instead of fighting them, being kind to employees instead of killing them, giving food to the homeless instead of avoiding them, and calling the police on robbers instead of attacking them. He also says "serial killers hate McDonalds," instead of his claim that they love McDonalds in the first episode, and is kind to Cortana, claiming he is not a sexist. The Arbiter is the opposite of his original self, acting like the original universe's Master Chief. ("Master Chief Sucks at Ordering McDonalds")

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