March 3, 2010
Run time
Guest starring
Talkany Big Man as Avery Johnson
AT&T Mike as Caesar Charlemagne

"Master Chief Sucks at Alternate Timelines" is the eighth episode of season 3.


Alternate Timeline (2007)
After a short "previously" segment, Avery Johnson arrives at the restaurant with Master Chief, the Arbiter, Cortana, and General Charlemagne. Ronald appears and asks Master Chief for the coordinates. Master Chief thinks and suddenly recites "4 8 15 162 34 2." Ronald gives these coordinates to the King, who has a brief but odd run-in with General Charlemagne regarding his costume, and Ronald then resets the timelines.

Original Timeline (2020)
The King explains Ronald's plan to the assembled heroes. He says that Ronald's coordinates lead to UNSC Building 69, a secret location that houses a superpowerful program an AI can use to control the universe. The memories of all who knew its location were wiped, so a SPARTAN project researcher, Ronald, hid the coordinates in Master Chief's memory. Ronald, knowing Master Chief would never give him the coordinates willingly, created an alternate timeline where they had never met. Though the location is different in the alternate timeline, the original timeline's coordinates stayed in his memory for unknown reasons. The King says the heroes must reach Building 69 while he heals Ronald and stop him from using the program. The King then adds that there is a legitimate prophecy that the user of the program will destroy the "false chosen one," or subject of a fake prophecy--Master Chief.


Master Chief Sucks at Alternate Timelines05:33

Master Chief Sucks at Alternate Timelines



Production notes

  • This episode was originally going to be called "Master Chief Sucks at Restoring Timelines."

Bloopers and continuity errors

  • The Windows logo is still missing from the Halo key when Ronald is shown activating it in reverse.

Cultural references

  • The coordinates are based on the recurring number series from Lost, "4 8 15 16 23 42."

Episode references

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