April 25, 2008
Run time
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"Master Chief Sucks at Online Dating" is the sixth episode of season 1.


Master Chief, in a more traditional video, gives the viewer poor advice regarding the usage of online dating websites like After originally berating the Arbiter for using such sites, Master Chief fills out a profile, lying about his appearance, interests, and other aspects of his life. He also encourages the viewer to alter their photos to attract more women. After the credits, Master Chief "Bel Airs" the viewer.


Master Chief Sucks at Online Dating04:59

Master Chief Sucks at Online Dating



  • The first traditional video since "Master Chief Sucks at Ordering at Restaurants."
  • This is also the final video in the series that features no storylines or plot continuation.
  • When Master Chief fills out the "Interests" section of his profile, he mentions making videos for Youtube, one of several fourth wall-breaking elements of the series. He also says he "made [his] first million off that McDonalds vid."

Production notes

  • Main character CATS does not appear in this episode.
  • Samus Aran has an uncredited nonspeaking cameo.

Cultural references

  • Master Chief "Bel Airs" the viewer after the credits, a reference to a bait and switch prank where forum users link to a video of some interesting nature that is actually the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song. It is similar to Rickrolling.

Episode references

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