August 21, 2009
Run time
Guest starring
AT&T Rich as Narrator

"Master Chief Sucks at Recaps" is a recap episode of Master Chief Sucks at Ordering.


The recap is narrated by the King's voice actor, although it is not the King himself narrating. The episode covers the events of every episode in the series (although the first two episodes are only briefly touched on) and the various events are connected together in a coherent fashion. An onscreen timeline helps confirm when certain events happened.


Master Chief Sucks at Recaps06:14

Master Chief Sucks at Recaps



  • This episode is the first time many of the dates in the timeline have been given canon standing in the series.

Production notes

  • The recap was originally supposed to be released shortly after season 2 ended.
  • The recap is narrated by the King's voice actor.

Bloopers and continuity errors

  • Even though 2006 is shown on the timeline, nothing in the recap takes place then. This is an error, as one scene in the series does take place in 2006 but is not shown in the recap.

Episode references

  • Every episode so far is covered in the recap.

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