April 20, 2009
Run time
Guest starring
James Rolfe as the Angry Video Game Nerd
Chris Hansen as himself
Audacity Rich as Ron

"Master Chief vs Hillary Clinton" is the ninth episode of season 2.


The King learns that someone has entered the Ark's firing room unauthorized and decides to investigate. When he arrives Hillary Clinton knocks him out, captures him, and explains that she intends to use the Ark's laser to destroy the Middle East so she can be the best president ever. She asks why the King was not planning on using the laser against Earth, instead planning to fire into blank space, but he doesn't answer. Master Chief and the Arbiter arrive and duel Clinton in a rematch, but she escapes to the hanger where she encounters Cortana. Cortana and Hillary are revealed to be sisters. They do battle and Cortana successfully kills Clinton. In the control room, the King is contacted by a mysterious man (who previously appeared at the end of "Master Chief Sucks at Super Smash Bros.") and threatens to destroy him with the Ark. Meanwhile, Master Chief, the Arbiter, and Cortana prepare for the final battle with the King.


Master Chief vs Hillary Clinton

Master Chief vs Hillary Clinton



Production notes

  • This episode's trailer is the first to explicitly preview more than one episode: it also confirms the titles of "Master Chief Sucks at Remakes 2" and the finale.
  • The mysterious figure the King speaks to over the radio is not named in the episode, but is named "Ron" in the credits.
  • The music that plays during Hillary and Cortana's fight is "BB Corps" from Metal Gear Solid 4. The music that plays during this fight in that game is different, but BB Corps is the song that plays during this fight in the E3 2007 trailer for the game.

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