The timeline of the series is presented here.

50 BCEdit

44 BCEdit

March 14





September 25


September 25

  • Master Chief reaches adulthood only five years after being born due to accelerated aging, which causes him to have low intelligence. He meets the Arbiter and they are forced to team up against CATS when he attacks their military base. ("Master Chief: The Movie")

September 26





October 3

October 17

October 26


December 7

2007 (Alternate timeline)Edit

October 3

  • After the activation of the Halo ring, an alternate timeline is created in which Master Chief is kind and sophisticated, this time giving viewers good advice about ordering at McDonalds. Elsewhere, the King and Ronald encounter each other with knowledge of the original timeline. ("Master Chief Rocks at Ordering McDonalds")
  • Master Chief continues giving advice about eating at restaurants. Meanwhile, the King makes a deal with Ronald: Ronald will get unknown coordinates from Master Chief, and will then tell them to the King. The King will, in exchange, heal Ronald's wounds in the original timeline. ("Master Chief Rocks at Ordering at Restaurants")
  • Ronald gets the coordinates to UNSC Building 69 from Master Chief and resets the timelines. ("Master Chief Sucks at Alternate Timelines")



April 11

April 25


May 9

May 23

  • Master Chief summons old allies to fight CATS, but they are captured. The Arbiter fights and kills Hubbard, but is captured by Scientology's new leader, Tom Cruise. CATS confronts Master Chief, and they have a duel that ends abruptly when the leader appears and shoots CATS. The leader reveals himself as the King. Master Chief is then captured. ("Master Chief: The Finale")


July 5

July 23


August 1

August 11

August 25


September 1


November 4

November 22

November 23

  • Master Chief, the Arbiter, and Cortana locate the superweapon, which is actually a portal to an unknown location. Master Chief and the Arbiter duel Hillary Clinton but fail to defeat her. Clinton and the Network flee through the portal, followed by the heroes and the UNSC. ("Master Chief vs the Superweapon")



January 4

January 5

January 6

January 7


March 9

March 10


March 14

March 15

  • The two heroes board the Halo and rescue Cortana from Jack Thompson. The trio raid the Halo's control room, have another shootout with the Ancients, reunite with the King and Johnson, and watch as Ronald seemingly activates the ring at 99% charge. ("Master Chief Sucks at Rescue Missions")
  • The Halo begins collapsing after the ring's premature firing. Master Chief throws the shutdown switch and the King repeatedly shoots Ronald. After the heroes turn to leave, the badly wounded Ronald fires the Halo again at 100% charge. ("Master Chief vs the Halo")
  • Minutes later, the King returns from the alternate timeline created by the ring. He tells the heroes about Ronald's plan to obtain a superpowerful program from Building 69 and that there is a prophecy that the user of the program will destroy Master Chief. ("Master Chief Sucks at Alternate Timelines")
  • After healing Ronald's wounds, the King is confronted by the Halo's security forces. They fatally injure him before he fights back and kills all but Ronald, who shoots him in the head. Ronald leaves the Halo and blows it up behind him. ("Master Chief: The Secret Origin of the King")
  • Master Chief, the Arbiter, Cortana, and Johnson arrive at Building 69. Ronald confronts them, and both parties are shocked to find the King, alive, having downloaded the program and manipulated everyone involved. He destroys Ronald, expresses his desire to escape to the real world, and kills Johnson after the latter holds the King off as Master Chief and the others escape. Cortana then reveals CATS as the person who can help them stop the King. ("Master Chief Sucks at Plot Twists")

March 16

  • Master Chief and Cortana go with CATS to the portal that will lead them to the Voice, but as they do, Cortana is fatally damaged by the closing portal and is unable to be rebooted because she has now fulfilled her purpose. The Voice sends Master Chief to the King and then engage in their final battle. Master Chief realizes the King's purpose as an AI is to destroy him, and so he sacrifices himself so the King can be destroyed by the Voice. Afterwards, the Arbiter and CATS observe a memorial for Master Chief. ("Master Chief Sucks at Everything")
  • Waking up at the nexus between the real and fictional worlds, Master Chief finds himself revived by the Voice. However, Master Chief rejects the Voice's request that he return to the fictional world, and he instead departs for the real world, concluding the series. ("Master Chief Sucks at Everything")
Master Chief Sucks at Ordering
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