UltraHyperShadow, abbreviated UHS, is the creator of Master Chief Sucks at Ordering.

Master Chief Sucks at OrderingEdit

UHS created the series in October 2007 after an aborted video called "Mudkip Sucks at Pokemon." In addition to his main UltraHyperShadow account, he has two other accounts: UltraBrawl, an account used for uploading non-Master Chief Sucks at Ordering related videos, and UltraYTpoops, an account for uploading "Youtube Poops," or humerous videos made from segments of other videos. His user account on this wiki is ShadowUltra.

In season 3, UHS provides the voice of recurring character 343 Guilty Spark, with an audio distortion filter added to replicate the character's voice. He also cameos in the season 3 premiere as the voices of Sean Bean, Will Smith, and Arnold Schwarzenegger. In the series finale, he portrays the Voice, a unique character said to be the overriding force of the fictional universe and implied to be an avatar for UHS himself.

UltraHyperShadow ProductionsEdit

UltraHyperShadow Productions is the name of UHS's production "company," responsible for producing Master Chief Sucks at Ordering and other media. It was founded in May 2006 when he created "T3H Metroid Galaxy," an ongoing humor comic whose mix of comedy and drama is similar to MCSAO.

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